Our growing GREEN list ... These are websites we've run across which might be of interest to a GREEN mind.  The list is for informational purposes only and our list is not meant as an endorsement of any site or product.  Please let us know of any websites you feel we've overlooked and we'll include them in our list.

The following Eco-tips are from the upcoming Reader's Digest book For America: Simple Things You Can Do to Make the Country a Better Place:




Plant a tree Fights air pollution: reduces our dependency on fossil fuels. Shade from one mature tree can cut yearly cooling costs by 2%-8%. A whole tree windbreak can bust heating costs 10%-15%. For free seedlings: www.Freetreesandplants.com or


Watch Birds Bird counts help scientists spot problems-if a count drops in one area, it could mean acid rain. Join an online effort: the Great Backyard Bird Count (February) or Project Feeder Watch (all winter). www.Birdsource.org

And to attract birds to your yard, subscribe to www.birdsandblooms.com

Compost (food, yard) You'll cut garbage by a third, and reduce ozone-destroying greenhouse gases. www.Compostguide.com for how to start and a list of compostables.

  www.EnergyStar.gov homes typically feature tight construction, advanced windows, tightly sealed ducts, increased insulation, and high efficiency heating and cooling equipment.

We agree with the recipient of the Wisconsin Governor's "Custom Builder of the Year" Award who said, "Everyone says they build a nice house, what I like about Energy Star is that it's a third party that comes in and tests out a house. It's another set of eyes that can verify and validate that, yes, the house performs well."